Hearing loss is a common problem. There are many people who do not know how a simple device could help them hear again.

They may have fears or believe many myths about hearing aids, and that keeps them from seeking the help they need. However, hearing aids have come a long way throughout the years.

Today’s devices are high-tech like Siemens hearing aids. They allow more natural hearing and could help you to hear normally once again.

Siemens Hearing Aids Pros & Cons

Nobody knows a product better than the people who actually use it. That is especially true with hearing aids. While manufacturers can make whatever claims they want, it is the user who gives the best idea of how the item really functions.

To help you get a real look at these Signia hearing aids, we searched through countless reviews to get to the heart of what you can really expect if you buy one. Here’s a look at the pros and cons we discovered about each model.


  • Good background noise filter
  • Streaming capabilities stand out
  • Comfortable


  • Adjustments can take time to avoid feedback
  • Single button controls can be difficult to use

Siemens Hearing Aids

Siemens Hearing Aids

Siemens Fast P Digital 4 Channel BTE 

What is Siemens Hearing Aids?

Hearing aids are medical devices, but they are not often considered that way by insurance companies. Often, you have to foot the bill for your aids.

This means it is very important to make sure that you make the right choice when choosing which item to buy. You want to ensure you are getting the best value and that the ones you get will suit your needs.

One of the options on the market comes from Siemens. While the company sold Siemens hearing aids under the Siemens name for many years, it no longer does so.

Now, the company brand is Signia. So, make sure when searching, you do not enter “Siemens hearing aids” as you may not get the most recent devices on the market.

About Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids

Hearing loss can occur quickly if it is caused by illness or an accident, but more often it happens over time. You may not really notice at first, then suddenly it may seem like you are struggling to hear everything.

When you realize that something is wrong, you should see a doctor to get a proper diagnosis. Knowing the type of hearing loss you have will make it much easier to get the right type of hearing aid because they are often designed for specific types of hearing loss. If you get the wrong device, it may not help you, or may not help you in the right way, to provide a clear hearing.

A hearing aid fits into the ear and amplifies sound so you can hear it without having to ask people to speak up or turning the volume up higher. Regardless of how high tech an aid is, it generally has three main parts.

The microphone picks up the sounds, the amplifier increases the sounds and the speaker sends the sounds to your ear so you can hear them.

It is in these three parts that each product can be different and can affect how well you hear the sound, whether other noises are picked up or how clear the sound is.

Digital Technology

Hearing aids today use digital technology, which allows them to be much smaller than the aids of the past. Some are small enough to be totally hidden in the ear. There are versions that can be operated using your smartphone, too.

Choosing a hearing aid can be tough. There are many options on the market. So, just knowing which option is best can be a hard decision. You also have to think about your budget. Hearing aids are not cheap.

If you need two, you are looking at an even larger expense. You should think about when you will use it. Consider the types of sounds you listen to.

For example, if you work in a crowded place, your needs will differ from someone who works in a quiet office environment.

Doctor’s Recommendations

You should also listen to your doctor. He or she will likely make recommendations on what might work best for you. Often, you will get the devices fitted by your doctor to ensure they work correctly.

There are many different aspects to consider when buying an aid because everyone is different. Just because some people really like a particular model does not mean it will work for you. Be honest with your doctor to get the best possible recommendation.

The Signia brand of hearing aids is quite high-tech. They were originally sold under the Siemens hearing aids brand. If you have gotten Siemens hearing aids in the past, then just be aware that Signia is the exact same product just with a different name.

Three Top Selling Aids From Signia

Let’s take a look at three of the top-selling hearing aids that Signia or Siemens hearing aids have to offer. We’ll start with the Pure Charge & Go Nx.

Pure Charge & Go Nx

This option is touted as providing natural hearing and allowing users to get more use than other hearing aids. It uses technology to balance the sounds you hear with your own voice so there is no awkwardness about the sounds you hear.

You hear them as if you are listening unaided. It also is a hidden aid, meaning it fits into your ear and cannot be seen. This hearing aid is designed for all levels of hearing loss from mild to severe.

It has a long-lasting charge and is designed to be charged while you sleep so it is ready to go all day. Charging isn’t difficult either because it is equipped with wireless charging capabilities. Charging is automatic when the aid is placed in the charging unit.

Advanced features also allow you to stream music or other audio. You can take calls as well. As long as you have a smartphone, you can activate these options through the myControl app. The app lets you control streaming along with audio. You can adjust the settings, too.

Silk Nx

The next hearing aid is the Silk Nx. This aid is incredibly small, making sure that nobody even knows that you are wearing it. The discreet nature allows you to be more comfortable and its soft silicone sleeve ensures a comfortable fit, so even you may forget you are wearing it.

It is also adjustable and easy to fit in just seconds without a need for a custom-made housing. If you need two, they come color coded to make it simple to know which goes in which ear.

Because it sits in the ear canal, it allows you to have a more natural level of hearing. You can easily talk on the phone without further aids and use headphones to listen to music or audio.

The aid uses technology to replicate natural hearing, so every sound you hear is like listening unaided. It helps filter background noises and makes it easy to hear even in crowds.

You can use the touchControl app to adjust settings and manage your hearing aid easily. You just need a smartphone.

Insio Nx

The last hearing aid we will look at is the Insio Nx. Like the Silk, this one is made to fit inside your ear where it cannot be seen. It is custom-made to fit your ear for the perfect fit every time.

It features the Signia technology that allows for crystal-clear sound and natural hearing. This aid is designed for all levels of hearing loss. The design also makes it easy to listen to music or use your phone. It can be operated by remote to make it simple to adjust settings.

Pricing of Siemens Hearing Aids

Siemens hearing aids do not come cheap. You definitely pay for what you get. Lower prices often mean a device that will not perform as well and that does not have advanced technology or features.

Since these are something you will wear and use on a regular basis, it is important to keep quality in mind. You want aids that will last and will provide you with high-quality function.

Another thing to remember, as mentioned earlier, you will likely have to pay for the hearing aids yourself. Insurance may cover part of the cost or not cover the device you want. So, be prepared to budget for the cost.


The cost of these Siemens hearing aids is for one device. If you need one for each ear, then you will need to factor that in. The Pure Charge & Go NX 5 retails for $3040.

The Silk Primax 7px sells for $1799, and the Insio Primax 7px is priced at $3399. Retailers often offer discounts and savings options to help bring down the retail prices, but these are a general idea of what they will cost without any price reductions.

How it compares

We want to give you as much information as possible, so we have done a quick review of two other popular hearing aid manufacturers.

We provide you with some brief information below that compares the Signia brand to two competitors so you can get an idea of how Signia measures up.


Technology: 5/5Build Quality: 5/5

Formally, Siemens hearing aids, Signia is known for being on the cutting edge of hearing aid technology. The company introduced the first multi-direction-microphone hearing aid with digital capabilities, the first waterproof hearing aid, and the first wireless hearing aid. It stands up well to the other two companies on this list when it comes to technology and builds quality.


Technology: 5/5

Build Quality: 5/5

ReSound is the company behind Beltone, which is a top-selling brand. It is known for its sound processing system and was the first company to develop the open-fit hearing aid.

Also, it also was a leader in developing hearing aids compatible with smartphones. It is a trusted company that offers top-quality technology and build quality.


Technology: 5/5

Build Quality: 5/5

Oticon is the company that gets credit for developing the first digital hearing aid. Its main focus is customized hearing aids that allow for the best experience possible. It introduced the first internet-connected, dual-wireless hearing aid.

Again, this is a strong company that rates right up there with the other two on the list for technology and build quality.


When it comes to hearing aids, it can be something that you may not want to deal with but can make a world of difference. Signia or Siemens hearing aids are designed with you in mind.

The company works hard to consider the complaints people have made about their goods in general to provide products that combat those problems. Issues are resolved through advanced technology.

Common Issues

Many people hate adjusting to a hearing aid because of common issues. The fit is a big one, which Signia works hard to avoid through carefully designed products that can be customized.

They also combat the common complaint about users and their own voice, which can come across as too loud when wearing a device. The technology helps blend the sound of your voice to produce more natural hearing experience.

The extra abilities of Siemens hearing aids, such as wireless capabilities, internet connectivity, and remote operation just add to the overall usability and help make these products a top choice.

If you are someone who is tired of not being able to hear clearly, then a hearing aid can change your life. We highly recommend looking into Signia or Siemens hearing aids to see if the company offers one that will meet your needs.

These items are top of the line and offer a quality that is hard to pass up. Along with the technical aspects, they are made with you in mind, so you can expect a great hearing experience.