The expense that comes with dealing with unexpected health crisis can be daunting. We are all looking for ways to save money and reduce expenses.

That is why it is a welcome relief when we can find products that are economical but still highly effective. One such product line is the Kirkland hearing aids.

These have many great features and are worth considering. Today, we will review this product line and investigate whether it is actually a good investment.

About the Costco Brand and Hearing Aids

About the Costco Brand and Hearing Aids

Okay, we know that when you hear the name Costco, you are thinking of that place where you buy bulk foods.

But did you know that they also have a number of hearing aid clinics?

Well, if you did not, now you know.

They diversify into other areas apart from paper goods and bulk foods.

Hearing Aid Centers

It is rather convenient that they offer this service. You can go on your weekly or monthly shopping trip and while you are, there get your hearing tested. 

And for those who need it, they can retrofit you with any of their hearing devices. Not to mention the fact that the brand has over 400 of them across the globe. If you are in Australia, Japan, Canada, Mexico, and especially the United States, you can shop for a hearing aid easily.

Getting an appointment for a hearing test is not difficult either. All you have to do is make a call and schedule one. There is also no obligation to buy.

If you are suffering from hearing loss, this is a great way to see if this is an option, which could enhance your quality of life. Even if you have another doctor who supplied you with a hearing device, you can still access the services from any of the Costco hearing centers. 

Get Affordable Hearing Aids

Get Affordable Hearing Aids

One of the most attractive elements about Costco is being able to get affordable products. This trickles down to the hearing aids as well.

You will hear of these devices getting into the range of $4000 to $6000. Not many people can afford those prices. This is especially true when the costs escalate each year.

As it relates to health insurance, most do not have this item under the coverage. The companies think that it is not a necessary part of life. however, people within the deaf community will tell you otherwise.

Some of the brands, which are available through Costcoincludes:

  • Kirkland Signature
  • Bernafon
  • ReSound
  • Rexton
  • Siemens

They also carry a variety of hearing aid styles. For example, you can get those with remote microphones, those that go completely into the canal, those worn behind the ear and those worn in the ear.

You will love the fact that they are innovative and some even come with Bluetooth capabilities as well.

Average Cost For a Hearing Aid

The price for a hearing aid ranges from just under$500 to almost $2000. Thankfully, there are quite a few to choose from.

These include:

  • Remote Microphone: $1399 – $1499
  • Completely In The Canal: $1399 – $1499
  • Canal: $899 – $1499
  • In The Ear: $499 – $1499
  • Bluetooth Capable: $899 – $1399
  • Behind The Ear: $899 – $1399
  • Open Fit: $899 – $1399
  • Kirkland Signature Premium Hearing Aid: $1999.99

Costco’s Brand of Hearing Aid

Costco’s Brand of Hearing Aid

You can rest assured that Costco provides solid and effective products. Their hearing aid is comparable to those available from companies like Siemens. They are also comparable to that company’s other brand,

Rexton hearing aids. 

Features & Perks of the Kirkland Device

Be prepared for a great deal when you buy Kirkland hearing aids. You will get a number of additional tools. These include:

  • Replacement receiver domes
  • Two rechargeable batteries
  • Ten classic style zinc batteries
  • Carrying cases
  • Cleaning wipes
  • Dryer tools
  • Charger
  • A pair of hearing aids

Kirkland has non-compulsory promotion accessories, like the ePen. This is a small, tactful revision of the remote control technology. It gives users the ability to fiddle with the hearing aids settings, without them knowing because it can be hidden in your pocket.

The Bluetooth connectivity is a moderately fresh improvement to many hearing aids.

It gives users the ability to sync their hearing devices straight to a Bluetooth device, like a laptop computer or Smartphone. These added perks give hearing device users the opportunity to have further sound running inconspicuously into the device.

So, this means that you can listen to a radio program, watch TV and hear the programming or relax to some nice music without anyone being none the wiser.

This means lessening the disturbance to other people in your environment. 

Added Features of the Device

Added Features of the Device

Freebies are not the only perks of investing in a Kirkland hearing device. You also get to use a number of apps on your Android and iOS devices. These help to regulate the volume.

In addition, you can easily:

  • Talk on your phone without using your hands.
  • Stream music to the device.
  • Listen to the TV without greatly impactingothers.

It comes with rechargeable batteries that are 312 in size. The device received an ingress protection rating of IP67.

You will get more wear from your device with the Secure-Tec, which aids in guarding the hearing aid against water and dust.

You can adjust it to suit your preferences while wearing it all day long. It is discreet and can be hidden you want.

It is great at allowing you to hear your voice, minus any echoes. This device can also be put in battery saving mode. This Kirkland device makes it easier to achieve a surround sound effect and the sounds are all natural sounding and clear.

When you use the service of one of these clinics to get your Kirkland product, you will get test runs of the items. They also come with a warranty, free repairs, and you can schedule follow up appointments.

Costco clinics are quite customer friendly.

What About the People Who Work at these Clinics?

Well, here you have a range of different experiences. Though, audiologists must submit to the requirements within their State. As such, hearing aid professionals at Costco will ultimately have different qualifications.

There are those regions that demand that a licensed audiologist be required to deal with fitting the hearing devices and calibrating them. But, other territories might stipulate that the person simply have certifications or training in the area.

And all they will be required to do is measure and fit the person for the device.

This is what affects the overall experience for visitors truly. So while you might have a great experience in one place, some other Costco hearing clinic might give you a bad experience.

With over 400 locations, you can pick and choose where you want to go and you won’t be denied service. This is especially if you like the service of a particular audiologist over another. 

What Are Customers Saying about These Kirkland Hearing Aids?

What Are Customers Saying about These Kirkland Hearing Aids

Customers enjoy the various features of these hearing aids. 

For one, they come in a range of colors. So when you go in to pick the ideal device, you can choose from berry red, galactic blue, brown, sandy brown, beige, black, granite, gray, silver, and white.

The diversity in the product line is a welcome feature.

They also enjoy being able to hear the television at the same level as everyone else, and with the hands-free feature, talking on the Smartphone is so much easier. The privacy of listening to a radio program, for example, while having a conversation is also of note.

Then there is the compatibility with iPhone and Android devices. There are many apps to help with functionality. 

Kirkland is For the Everyday Person

You can save money with this brand. You do not have to mortgage your house to get a good hearing aid and Kirkland proves this.

One female elderly customer likes that particular fact. We all can understand the retirees face when it comes to spending cash they do not have and will not earn anytime soon. They tend to be attracted by great deals and great products that will last a long time.

Kirkland is Almost Forgettable

Some customers love the fact that you can wear them and forget them. It is not tight or uncomfortable, so you just go about your business as normal.

Even if you go to another ear doctor, you can still visit Costco to be fitted for an actual device. You do not have to pay thousands of dollars. There are affordable hearing aids sold by Costco. 

Volumes Return to Normal

Volumes Return to Normal

Have you ever watched TV or listened to the radio with someone who is hearing impaired? Then you know it can very loud and even hurt your ears.

Costco’s Kirkland Signature 7.0 has one 65 year old customer, Joy Jackson, bragging that she was able to “hear the turn signal on my car.

The volume on my TV is now back to 8 not 18 and I do not know why I waited so long. The price and the warranty make Costco the only choice for purchasing hearing aids.” 

It is a Great Deal and Accessible Locations

If you are open to visiting an hearing clinic at Costco, then you might be in for a pleasant surprise.

There you will find quite a number of hearing devices and be able to schedule a free screening. This is great because trying to finance every health related expense can be quite costly.

But when you go to get hearing aids at Costco, there are many deals to be had.

One such is the comparably great option of purchasing one of their Kirkland hearing aids. Along with this are many perks. Least of them is being able to visit any of their 400 locations. And, if you prefer you can ask about other brands as well.

You get value for money. Because when you buy, you get the following items: one quick start guide, one user manual, one travel pouch, one presentation case, one cleaning brush, one cleaning cloth, ten zinc air batteries, and two great wireless hearing instruments.

While the market goes up, Costco seems to go down. They endeavor to reach as many customers as they can. You will note at times that they have great deals and sales. But in addition to that, they release brand new products at a lower price than even the previous generation.

You want to have these benefits if you are looking at purchasing multiple hearing devices or renewing them over time.

Overall, it is a great deal when you shop at Costco for any of your hearing devices.