Having a disability can be difficult and, usually, you need the support of people and organization that will have your back. Deaf people and people suffering from various degrees of hearing loss have a number of organizations that are fighting for their cause.

One such society is the Hearing Loss Association of America.

About the Hearing Loss Association of America

This is a great organization to be a part of, if you have hearing challenges or work in the field.

According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) is “a nonprofit organization with a mission to open the world of communication to people with hearing loss through education, information, support and advocacy.”

They put emphasis on various education initiatives. They support, provide, advocate and they sensitize.

HLAA Founder

It was initially started by Rocky Stone, who, for majority of his life, worked tireless on behalf of the Deaf community. He himself was hearing impaired.

This happened when a bomb went off close by during the World War II, as he served in the army.

He started the Self Help for Hard of Hearing People (SHHH) in 1979, after he realized there were not any such resources for people with his disability.

HLAA Mandate

They give help and make accessible resources for anyone who is suffering from hearing impairment. These resources are also available to family members, loved ones and friends of people with these issues. It this way, they can better cope with the arising problems and make the requisite adjustments.

The HLAA has a mandate to get rid of the preconceived notions that people have about deaf people and hearing loss. They bring attention to these issues and do campaigns and various public awareness events.

They push the issues of people needing to protect their hearing by wearing proper gears and getting frequent checkups throughout their lifetime.

This is especially necessary with almost 50 million people in the United States battling some degree of hearing loss, some of which are noise induced hearing loss.

HLAA Locations

The Hearing Loss Association of America has an all-embracing set of connections, offices, small groups and individuals that work with them in chapters. They can be found in almost every State throughout the nation.

A part of their mandate is to incorporate the assistance of professionals who actually work in the area of hearing loss.

According to their website, the HLAA chapters “offer emotional support, camaraderie, tips and techniques for living with hearing loss, technical information about hearing assistive technology, in a hearing-friendly place.”

So their volunteer leaders that work at the State offices must be able to give accurate and relevant information that is not erroneous.

Visit their website today to find a chapter near your location.

HLAA Publications

HLAA Publications

The organization compiles and publishes a number of resource materials. These include the Hearing Life e-News and the Hearing Life magazine.

The Hearing Life magazine is issued twice a month. It “features personal stories that will inspire and empower you, articles on research and technology, hearing aids, cochlear implants, hearing assistive technology and more. HLAA members receive the magazine in the mail and online.”

They also have the online newsletter, which is the Hearing Life e-News. It is “delivered directly to your inbox and brings you updates and breaking news on many hot topics affecting people with hearing loss. … There’s no cost and no obligation” to sign up for subscription, on their website.

HLAA Walk4Hearing

Another annual activity hosted by the organization is the HLAA Walk4Hearing.

Various chapters and associations all over the country put on a HLAA Walk4Hearing event. This is usually well supported and many people from the Deaf community participate. This includes professionals, family members and the hearing impaired themselves.

After the walk, whatever proceeds that were collected are used by the organization to continue their work, which includes many national programs to help the Deaf community.

HLAA Conventions

For those who want to attend, they have a yearly convention for members and non-members.

These include deaf people and other people from the Deaf community, including sign language teachers, translators, audiologists, otologists, otolaryngologists, psychologists and counselors.

As well as scientists, researchers, pharmaceutical reps, surgeons and many other people associated with hearing loss.

The Hearing Loss Association of America Website

You can visit the organization’s website for many great resources.

Hearingloss.org has information about the “Get in the Hearing Loop” initiative as well. This program has grown in popularity all over the country. Different events, venues, hospitals, airports and other places of business are taking an inclusive approach to helping the Deaf community.

In addition, the website has an archive of monthly webinars.

These were first broadcasted live. As is required by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), they include closed captioning as well.